Claudia Kelly & the Stuffed Shirt Tie Co.

Seattle native Claudia Rice Kelly started her hat collection as well as an enduring passion for textiles in 1975. Although a graduate of The Evergreen State College, her relevant education came from Seattle Central Community College's Apparel Design Program and extensive independent study.

In 1981, she became a craftsperson at the Pike Place Market where she continues to make and sell her own designs of scarves, wraps and jackets; all made from fabulous fabrics, as well as men's clip-on bow ties and yes, sometimes even hats.

But, she's most famous for her vintage hat collection from which she selects a different one to wear every day she goes to the Market. This inspired her friend, the playwright Donna Rae Davidson, to pen the award winning musical "Claudia Kelly's 500 Hats". Today, Claudia guesses her hat collection totals about 850 but she doesn't have time to count them as she's too busy making everything she sells, being active in Pike Place Market politics and working in her garden.