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If you prefer not to use the PayPal shopping cart you may use this order form. When you click on the Get Printer-Friendly Page button below it will take you to a page that will have the totals, shipping, etc. calculated for you. You can then print out and mail that page to the address below. Use your browser's print function to print out the page. It will usually be found on the "File" menu.

Please note that there will be a couple places on the form that will have to be filled out by hand (payment method and/or credit card info).

Please make checks or money orders payable to: Claudia Kelly. All checks/MOs must be drawn on US funds.

Please do not send payment in cash!

You can check our shipping charges here.

Claudia Kelly & Stuffed Shirt Tie Co. Order Form
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Shipping charges for shipments to U.S. addresses:
Orders up to $24.00 $2.95
Orders up to $36.00 $3.95
Orders up to $48.00 $4.95
Orders up to $60.00 $5.95
Orders up to $80.00 $6.95
Orders over $80.00 $7.95

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mailing address:
Claudia Kelly's Collection
(and Stuffed Shirt Tie Co.)
1916 Pike Place #12-341
Seattle WA 98101

phone: 1-253-941-2665
email Claudia Kelly's Collection

Claudia Kelly's Collection Order Form

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